About us

Here, in Centurio.space, we have met in order to create a new ecosystem for the iGaming space. We are dedicated to developing software products and services that create meaningful value for sports fans, gamers and for ordinary viewers.

Our mission is to expand the boundaries of the digital space, bring experience from other areas into it, ensure scale, accessibility, transparency, privacy, independence for the Gambling industry.

Centurio provides sports and entertainment organizations with blockchain-based tools that help them engage and monetize their audiences, bringing athletes, gamers, clubs and communities closer to organizers and distributors from the gambling and esports industry.

While traditional betting sports betting platforms try to lure audiences away from each other through heavy advertising, we are focusing on a different approach, which is to attract a completely new audience from esports and the world of video games by integrating online and online gambling\betting tools, general and targeted implementation of blockchain technologies.

We are attracted by the computer games industry (development, publishing and promotion of games) because it is one of the fastest growing branches of computer technology and, at the same time, the global entertainment sector. Games become cultural phenomena and are recognized as works of art. The number of gamers is growing (2.5 billion players in 2019), and iGaming itself is becoming a highly paid profession. A powerful ecosystem is being formed around a core consisting of: teams and e-sportsmen, leagues and tournaments, e-sports audiences and communities, game publishers and developers, media and media companies, corporations and investors.

The composition of our team was formed and is formed of professionals with experience in well-known companies in the online sports, gambling, betting industry such as FansUnite Entertainment, GameSTACK, Ed &Shirley's Inc., Betradar, DS Virtual Gaming and companies specializing in the development of new solutions in the iGaming industry - Askott Entertainment, GAN, IGT PlaySports, Bayes Esports, and in collaboration with Blockchain Ventures. Centurio united engineers, developers, artists and designers, specialists in the gambling industry. We specialize in several areas in which we see maximum prospects for the further development of the industry:

  • Mobile apps (with an audience of 2.2 billion players playing daily on their mobile devices);
  • Cloud gaming solutions;
  • Development and integration of elements of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR);
  • Monetization of sports and eSports professional leagues and tournaments using blockchain technology;
  1. Realizing the potential of these areas in various variations, it gives us the opportunity to create concise, capacious and adaptive products.