Alternative proposals for collective investment

The company has developed alternative proposals for the collective accumulation of funds from group and individual deposits.

The general conditions will be the same:

  • Tariffs will be activated after accumulating the required amount.
  • Replenishment of the deposit in each of the Tariffs is provided at any time, until the required amount is fully accumulated.
  • Calculation of dividends in tariffs will be made after the launch, depending on the conditions of each specific tariff.

Each offer is unique and is a one-time offer - available as a single copy.

It is possible to make contributions to the programs only before their start, namely at the stage of their filling, also during this period there is the possibility of adding funds to the funds already allocated.

For each offer, participation is possible only in one of the currencies specified in the description of a particular program, if the user does not have this currency on the balance, but there are others on the account, it is necessary to perform a conversion in the "Currency exchange" section.

The programs have individual referral rewards.

The referral bonus is credited only from the first amount contributed by the partner to the program and is 10% of the personally invited partner, for all subsequent replenishments (additions) of funds to the current offer from a particular partner - the referral bonus does not apply.

Each tariff will have its own unique operating principle, which will differ from each other, in terms of the size of the contribution to activate the tariff, profitability, methods of calculating profits and terms of work.
After activating the Alternative Offer, the accrual of profit will begin, which will be available at the end of the working period along with the deposit and will be credited automatically to the balance in the personal account.

Centurio Holding LTD is developing online betting software to be used in leading online casinos and electronic betting platforms. A new direction of Alternative Investments is planned to be launched in June. More details about the conditions of participation and projected profits you will learn in April, follow the news of the company.


Coming Soon in June...

Alternative proposal:development of electronic bets
Total amount: 7 000 000 $