Company Representation

According to international law, it is believed that the permanent establishment of a foreign company on the territory of the country performs exclusively advertising functions, collects information on the reaction of the market, scientific and marketing research, and consulting services.

  • Serves only as a kind of promoter for Centurio Holdings PTE. LTD. Without directly carrying out any business activity;
  • The manager of the representative office has the right to make independent decisions on behalf of the company (registration of partners, registration of electronic payment systems accounts, etc.);
  • Does not bear any tax burden, given that the management of affairs does not generate any income, while the costs of running them, as a rule, are fully deducted from the budget of the "parent" company;
  • Does not have any legal obligations stipulated by law for official affiliates.

Also, according to international law, a representative office has no obligation to register in the register of companies, is not obliged to submit tax and financial statements and may not even have a current bank account.

To create it, you just need to submit an message on the company's website in the "Contacts" section, when sending a ticket, specify the "Marketing offers" category.

A company representative office is defined as "a separate subdivision through which Centurio Holdings PTE. LTD. fully or partially carries out its own activities."

All terms of partnership with the company are negotiated individually with the manager of Centurio Holdings PTE. LTD., after submitting the ticket.


Opening a representative office in the UK